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How to use



Register & Input Details

Obtain your referral code and register an account, check to see if you would need to pay tax by inputting your salary and follow the steps required to submit your tax return.

Tax Reporting
Easy,Answer Simple Questions & Save Tax Legally!

Answer robotax Questions

After logging in, robotax will ask you simple questions which you can answer to determine the amount of relief you can benefit from. No more worries of the complex tax system and submit your tax returns confidently with robotax.



robotax APP

After the Q&A is done, our tax software will analyse your profile and determine the best course of action to maximize your tax savings and submit your tax report directly to LHDN.

robotax will also store your receipts for 7 years which is the requirement by LHDN so you do not have to worry about losing your tax-related documents!

10 Reason to choose

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Referral Benefit

Share this awesome APP with your friends now and obtain lucrative rewards when they signup with robotax! The more you share the more you get while helping them save on their taxes too!


When you refer (Friend A) to join you will get 10% Referral Bonus;

When your Friend A refers (Friend B) you will get an additional 10% Referral Bonus;

When Friend B refers another new user (Friend C) you will also get 10% Referral Bonus

+ RM100


Friend A


Friend B


Friend C


+ RM10,000

+ RM1,000

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